Bracketology: Making Reform Interactive

by Adrianna McIntyre

There’s a new “Choose Your Own Adventure” for the health wonk set—in the form of a tournament bracket for health care reform. Leavitt Partners has created an interactive PDF that lets you click your way to nine possible futures for health reform.

The proposed scenarios examine how health policy might be affected following the Supreme Court’s (yet undecided) ruling on the Affordable Care act and possible outcomes of the 2012 election. It also gives odds on questions like:

– How will Republicans pursue a repeal of PPACA?
– How will Congress replace the Guaranteed Issue provision?
– What health reforms would the Congress & White House be able to pass?

According to Kaiser Health News, [t]he predictions are based on surveys and on Leavitt’s “future panel,” which includes health care experts such as Thomas Barker, former HHS acting general counsel under Bush 43, David Blumenthal, former Obama administration national coordinator for health information technology, and Ray Scheppach, former executive director of the National Governors Association.”

This is a great new way to present the issue—one that might engage a broader audience than typically achieved through long editorials and other kinds of media coverage. I also happen to really enjoy playing with the different scenarios… but I’ve been told that I have a very skewed idea of “fun.”

Thoughts? Leave them in the comments!


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