Project Millennial Hits NYC Radio Waves!

by Adrianna McIntyre

I had the incredible opportunity today to speak with Jennifer Sendrow of 101.9 WEMP FM in New York City, to talk Millennials and SCOTUS.  Here are the brief, one-minute ministories, from the perspective of multiple 20-somethings. These will be airing in newscasts beginning tonight and into tomorrow until the ruling is handed down.

“It’s politics; it’s not a dialogue.”

The MP3s will open in a new tab/window.

SCOTUS, Healthcare, & Millennials (1) | SCOTUS, Healthcare, & Millennials (2)

SCOTUS, Healthcare, & Millennials (3) | SCOTUS, Healthcare, & Millennials (4)

Feel free to join me in crossing various appendages that my pessimism is proven wrong come morning. (ETA: HUZZAH! I thank your various appendages.)


12:25am, updated for additional commentary/rumination: If these clips demonstrate anything, it’s that we can’t neatly package the reform debate into twenty-second soundbites. Inconveniently for politics, the health care system is just too nuanced to be succinctly expressed through a bulleted list of talking points: it’s complex socially, it’s complex economically—and that’s before you bring medicine and all of its ethical and scientific baggage into the mix. Don’t get me wrong, I love it for all of those reasons, but it hardly makes for a happy marriage with social media.

In the Twitter-driven news cycle, we are increasingly tempted to distill every issue into 140 characters (fewer for RTs!). As much as I’ve come to embrace the site in the past few months, I think this trend does a disservice to the complexity and importance of the health care debate. I value social media and its utility for connecting with stellar people  (hi, people!) and reaching new audiences, but the backbone of Project Millennial will always be the content of this blog, with its thoughtful and occasionally long-winded ways. We love you, Twitter, but you’ll never be enough.

Adrianna works in clinical research and will begin graduate studies at the University of Michigan this fall.
Follow her on Twitter @onceuponA.


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