As seen on TV: Project Millennial!

by Adrianna McIntyre

This week has been crazy. Ridiculous. Positively staggering. First the media couldn’t decide what to predict about the SCOTUS ruling. Then they couldn’t decide what SCOTUS actually ruled. (Spoiler alert! The mandate was upheld!) And in the middle of all this, some media outlets were actually paying attention to what Millennials thought!

Wednesday afternoon, we were contacted about speaking with someone on news radio in NYC; more details on that here. Early Wednesday evening, an ABC affiliate in Virginia Beach, VA reached out about the same. That aired Thursday night, and the clip is below. The attention has been exciting and overwhelming and my head is still a hot mess whenever I try to process it–but the upshot is that we’re thrilled people seem to care about our message. Many thanks to Jennifer Sendrow and David Ham for taking the time to speak with us.

Now that we’ve shared these, we’ll be shifting back to more substantive coverage… with the possible exception of one more installment in the tweetsaga (for closure, of course). We didn’t prepare any reactionary posts in advance of the ruling; that’s not really our style. But multiple pieces are in the works for your reading pleasure, so stay tuned!

Adrianna works in clinical research and will begin graduate studies at the University of Michigan this fall.
Follow her on Twitter @onceuponA.


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