Two quick plugs

by Adrianna McIntyre

It’s been a slow week for the blog, but a busy week for the bloggers. First, you should go check out Karan’s latest, over on’s Short White Coat blog.

First, do no harm: Medicine in the Information Age

Minutes from melting in the summer heat, I dumped my stuff at a table and homed in on the hospital café’s soda display for something – anything – cold. The gentleman at the next table glanced my way and said:

“Are you in the medical field?”

“Yes sir, I’m a medical student.”

He eyed my drink and asked, “Did you hear that diet soda can increase your risk of diabetes by 70%? Even just a few cans a week.”

And I have a piece over on Bloomberg View, coauthored with Austin Frakt. It takes a closer look at the issue of rate shock—which yes, is real, but may not be motivated by the reasons you think (hint: some young people get sick, too).

Obamacare Rate Shock Isn’t What You Think

So why the sleight of hand? Maybe because FreedomWorks’ premise is wrong. Recent evidence suggests that the law won’t actually raise premiums for young adults for the reason its opponents claim. That’s because income-based tax credits will disproportionately help young Americans afford coverage.

Go read!


Adrianna is a graduate student in public policy & public health at the University of Michigan. Follow her on Twitter at @onceuponA, or subscribe to the blog. 


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