First time here? Welcome! We know clicking around a blog for the first time can be overwhelming, so we’ve made a few short lists of the posts that best represent Project Millennial.

Wherein we try to unravel the mysteries of American healthcare via blog post:

  1. Medicaid in 1000 Words – and Three Charts — on the nuts and bolts of Medicaid, the oft-misunderstood American health insurance safety net
  2. What Does the Supreme Court Decision Mean to [Generation] Me? — on the Supreme Court’s Obamacare decision, and what it means for the country as well as us millennials
  3. Healthcare Wanderlust: Switzerland — on how our healthcare system ended up as strange as it did, by way of a tour through Switzerland
  4. Not a Golden Ticket — on the many reasons health insurance isn’t the same thing as health access
  5. So, now what? — on what’s in store for American healthcare after Obama/Biden won Election 2012

Hits don’t lie, right? Assuming that’s what Shakira said, here are our 5 most-read posts:

  1. Arkansas is fiddling around with Obamacare. People care. But is it legal, and does it matter? — The first in our Arkansas saga (click through for the most recent) analyzed the legal and economic context of premium support under an obscure provision of the Medicaid statute. It’s long, wonky, and our most-read post to date.
  2. You, sir, are incorrect: an open letter to Mitt Romney — on certain gross healthcare inaccuracies peddled by the Romney campaign
  3. The Code of the White Coat — on the medical school White Coat Ceremony’s ambiguous effects on humanism
  4. A Tale of Two Pills — on the problems with the public discourse surrounding contraception
  5. Would a Medicare reform remix cut costs? — Cost-shifting quibbles with a Medicare reform strategy offered by Yuval Levin

Real-life stories from our team that show how these issues end up affecting us all:

  1. The Wild West of the Individual Market — on the madness of the oft-discussed individual market for health insurance
  2. Pills, Pills, Pills (Or Not): Is It Up to You? — on the healthcare system’s preference for pharmaceutical rather than lifestyle solutions
  3. The Price Is(n’t) Right — on an outrageous emergency department price tag and what it says about American health costs
  4. Electronic Health Records Get Personal — on the implications of the EMR push for patients



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